Biodegradable Capsule Turns Your Body into a Tree

You can live on and continue making an impact

Turning your ashes into a living breathing tree
For many, what happens to you after death is not something you think about on a regular basis, but with current advances in technology, you might be surprised to learn that there are some interesting options. Besides normal burial or cremation, there are many less expensive or even less environmentally impactful alternatives. One Kickstarter project aims as turning your ashes into a living breathing tree so you can live on and continue making an impact. The Bios Incube biodegradable urn and partnering capsule automatically will grow a tree and water the plant through its internal sensors.

Biodegradable urns have been around for a while now, and this product is one that accompanies the already on the market Bios Urn. Essentially, it is a capsule filled with sensors that tracks the tree’s growth and tailors its treatment to what the plant needs to thrive. Now, you may be wondering why you need to purchase a several thousand dollar machine that just grows a tree, but think about it, do you want to be the one that accidentally kills your passed on loved ones tree? This product allows those who have suffered loss to grow and remember their loved ones in a healthy and beneficial manner, all the while never having to worry about not having a green thumb.

To add another level to the plant growing capsule, it will even send you notifications if the location your tree is growing in is not ideal for its health. You may have never heard of this product, butover 60,000 bios urns have been sold to date, and the market for alternative burial methods is growing rapidly. The need then shifts not to more methods, but rather how to sustain such innovative burial techniques. The goal, claims Bios, is to turn cemeteries into living breathing forests that represent the legacy those who have passed on leave to us still here on the earth. It is very beautiful to think about a tangible

living plant that is grown from someone you have lost.

With moisture, conductivity, and temperature sensors built in to the device, it will monitor just about every variable essential to growing a healthy thriving plant. If you really want to be turned into a tree, but are worried about dying suddenly and it never taking place, they have little device called the Bios seed. Essentially, it is a small storage device that lets you select what type of tree you would like to become, where you would like to be buried, and who gets to see this information. If for some reason you die, the company can facilitate growth and burial as well as supplying loved ones with all of the necessary furnishings for DIY growth.

The engineering and creativity behind this innovative burial technique makes you think, “maybe I do want to become a tree.” Thats the whole point, with the eco-friendly nature of a new tree and the tangible effects to loved ones, it seems that for many, being turned into a beautiful tree is their after life destiny.


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