Broken Pots Turned Into Glorious Mini Gardens

Beautiful little gardens that transform the old wasted pots

Something is being made more beautiful
There is a Japanese word “Kintsukuroi” which means that something is being made more beautiful when mending it after it has been broken. And the Japanese apply this word especially to broken pottery repaired by gold. They believe that the effort invested in making the pottery increases by the hand skills used to making it whole again. If this is true about gold encrusted pottery, it must be true for these beautiful little gardens that transform the old wasted pots.

We could not think of a more beautiful way to use the ceramics that would have probably ended in the bin. If you need a special idea to glamorize your garden, here are some super-cool ideas to inspire you. Moreover, as spring is here, there is no better time to get to work and create this heavenly little worlds of botanical elegance. What are you waiting for, get the shovel already!


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