Self-Taught Artist Shows The Fate Of Disney Princesses And Pop Icons

Scary and sometimes downright gross special effects

Glam & Gore

Mykie is a self-taught LA based professional beauty and special effects makeup artist. Unlike many other beauty gurus, she doesn't restrict herself to preppy glamorous looks. Instead, she goes for scary and sometimes downright gross special effects. The artist shows her works on Youtube and Instagram and has more than one million followers.

Take a look at some of her amazing work where she shows off both the Glamorous and the Gory side of her creepy creations. As the makeup artist says herself 'Things are about to get pretty ugly'.

#1 Snow White Before And After The Poisoned Apple

2 Lana Del Rey Before And After Zombie Apocalypse

#3 Rapunzel Before And After Getting Tangled In Her Hair

#4 Little Mermaid Before And After Getting Hooked

#5 The Wicked Witch Before And After Melting


#6 Elsa Before And After Getting Frozen

#7 Mermaid Before And After Being Exposed To Toxic Waste
#8 Barbie Before And After Failed Plastic Surgeries
#9 Khaleesi Before And After Becoming The Dothraki Queen
#10 Happy Clown Before And After The Start Of A Horror Movie
#11 Prom Queen Before And After A Nasty Fight For The Crown


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