Bizarre Live Models Portray Unique Artistic Expression of Raw Truths

Astonishing expressive moments of truth

One-of-a-kind weird presentation
Marie-Lou Desmueles is quite unique and with an eccentric style. Eccentricity does not come as a surprise when artists are concerned, so it seems there is nothing new about Marie. However, her expression is particular. The media she uses look a lot like film masks or costumes. The artist combines paint colors and plastic materials on live models producing one-of-a-kind weird presentations near canvases. Actually, her art comes to full life when photographed or filmed. Only via visual media can the spectators sense the openness and the expression behind the human dolls who portray everyday or ultra-famous persons such as Vincent Van Gogh or David Bowie. Media imperfections create astonishing expressive moments of truth.


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