Chainmail Shoes in Which You Can Walk Barefoot

What makes the brand one-of-a-kind

Cool knighthood effect
If these chainmail-made shoes are a novelty for you, welcome aboard! Still, it seems that Pronativ is not the first eco-model made by Paleo Ultra, and that there have been other previous models carrying the fancy names of Delinda and Anterra. We don’t know much about what makes each model unique, but we can tell what makes the brand one-of-a-kind. The shoes are made to simulate walking barefoot. You get the feeling of touching the ground, but without the difficulties of scrapped soles and rough skin that comes along. If you think that chainmail is also too tough, then you are wrong. These tiny metallic loops feel like a massage when put on. What’s great about the Pronativ shoes is that you can wear them anywhere, even in water, as they are waterproof. Not to mention the cool knighthood effect they produce!


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