Melissa McCarthy is coming back for 'Gilmore Girls'

Gilmore Girls revival

You win, world!
Gilmore girls and boys, your dreams are coming true.

Melissa McCarthy is officially set to reprise her role as Sookie St. James in Netflix's Gilmore Girls revival.

McCarthy broke the news to Ellen. "Literally about an hour and a half ago, we figured out that I’m going to go back and do it, and I am so excited," she said, in a clip you can watch below.

The news comes just days after creator Amy Sherman-Palladino told EW that the door was still open to McCarthy should she find time in her schedule before they wrapped production on the four Gilmore movies for Netflix.

"I know what the scene is. I'll pre-light it for her. She can drive up, run in, shoot it, and run out," she told the publication. "I can get her in and out in two hours. If she finds that time, I don’t care when it is, we will make it happen."

Apparently, they did.

McCarthy's return means that essentially every living major player from the original show will now appear in the revival.

The show does not yet have a premiere date.


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