Easiest Way to Cut Onions and More

A brilliant way to cut an onion

Kitchen Hack

I never thought of cutting things in kitchen with hair pick. Slicing onions, tomatoes, lemons are easy for me even though not this perfectly even sliced. But it is really tough for me to slice potatoes! This amazing hack, brought to us by Dave Hax, is such a brilliant way to cut an onion! Watch the video below and learn this genius way to slice an onion. I will try on potatoes for sure!!

All you’ll need for a perfectly cut onion in a hair pick. Make sure you choose a strong one with stainless steel picks, because they will need to cut through the onion. And you can use this little trick to slice the onion in two different ways! – rings or diced!!

Such a simple hack and a safe way to keep your fingers out of harms way!


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