The 17 Types of Men You Meet on Online Dating Sites

The most common place to meet people

Dating apps and sites
Online dating is no longer the weird, slightly clandestine act it was just ten years ago.

These days it's the most common place to meet people, no matter who you're looking for – seriously, guys, girls, there's Black People Meet, J-Date, and even a dating site and app devoted to farmers.

There are also crazy people all over every single one of them, but the sad fact is, most of the stories and stereotypes you hear about involve the dudes on dating sites.

There are entire Tumblrs and Twitters and Instagram pages devoted to stories of the guys people meet on dating apps and sites – guys like these.

1. The Bye Felipe Guy

If you haven't met this guy, consider yourself lucky, but the truth is that he's regrettably and overwhelmingly common on dating apps and online.

He escalates very quickly.

He can get scary, too, so if anyone you talk to – man or woman because, honestly, this behavior isn't necessarily restricted to one gender – exhibits signs of being a Felipe, proceed with caution.

2. The Momma's Boy

He's always so sweet, it's just you'll always be competing with someone else.

3. The Smelly Guy

You won't … you won't know this one until you meet, at which point it's just too late. Alternately, it's not uncommon to meet a dude with a smelly attitude.

4. The Gamer

There are several types of gamers.

Almost all of them are awesome unless you dislike gaming and/or like to be the center of attention a lot of the time. If you really love to game, as well, find this boy.

5. The Snarky Guy

The snarky guy is so sexy – half of the time. The other half, he's unbearable. The snarky guy is hit-or-miss, it depends on the individual. Those aren't horrible odds, though!

6. The Jerk

The Jerk may, in fact, be a Felipe, or he may be one of those guys who believes in “negging” and all sorts of other twaddle. There are dozens of ways to be a jerk, so I advise keeping a list of all the different kinds you come across.

7. The Sweetheart

A rare gem. Keep him!

8. The Braggart

Bragging is kind of insufferable, although a touch of arrogance can be attractive. You'll have to judge each braggart individually.

9. The Worker-bee

There's nothing wrong with being driven, necessarily, but it's hard if the person you're into doesn't have time to spend with you. If you're work driven, too, however, this can be an ideal match.

10. The Smart Guy

Nothing's sexier than intelligence, although it's easy for the smart guy to start bragging.

11. The Cowboy

You can spot the cowboy even through text. Generally speaking, he's worth a date, at least.

12. The Dog-lover

Well, dog-lovers are different from cat-lovers. They're a special breed. Har har har, see what I did there?

13. The Hook-up

On the one hand, at least he's honest about what he wants. On the other hand, he's also the kind of guy who'll ask for nudes, send unsolicited dick pics, and probably call you fat if you turn him down.

14. The over-commitment Guy

He's … well, he's serious about being serious. In love with love. Sometimes a little psycho.

15. The Funny Guy

Oh, if someone can make you laugh, you need to hold on tight!

16. The Desperate Guy

This guy may also send you pictures of his genitalia even though you did not ask for them and do not want them. He's thirsty.

17. The Liar

The liar lies about many things. Beware the catfisher, though.


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