Intelligent Animals Sheltering From the Rain in Clever Ways

Getting to know animals better

The little survivors
We should be forever grateful to the macro images and microscopic HD cameras for introducing us to a totally new world of small animals. We would have never known how amazing, cute and smart they can be without them. Getting to know animals better serves us a lesson in humility. By looking in the way the little survivors have managed their rain protection, our human umbrellas look plain and less inventive. Bell-shaped flowers, giant leaves, mushrooms and even a green leafy garland are used as a rain cover. Such resourcefulness!

I know it is not my ideal hat shape, but the rain surprised me and I had to borrow from a friend

I should have paid the extra wind guard insurance fee…

Whew – glad I fixed the roof on time!

Can’t you see that I am all red and burn easily, I need extra sun protection

Yes, I made a great umbrella choice – face it, I am the queen of style!

Meh… I’ve had better protection.

Thank God it’s only a drizzle!

I wonder if they make these in pink…

This mother and daugther rain cover set wasn’t a bad idea at all


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