20 Winner Photos of the European Compelling Diverse Cultures

Photo Quest made in honor of the diversity of European cultures

Europe’s amazing unique country landscapes
Let us celebrate the culture and the spirit of Europe with the twenty most beautiful images of the UK LumeJet digital print innovator recent Photo Quest made in honor of the diversity of European cultures. Recognize Europe’s amazing unique country landscapes, values and heavenly characteristics through the lenses of the contest participants. Enjoy in the winners of the three individual categories Federico Napoleoni, Oliver Michels, Eugene Anball and the masterpiece of the grand prize winner Federico Ravassard.

Amsterdam (ned) by Eleonora Gorini

Apples by Oleg Zharsky

Beach hut row in pastel colors by Jucha Marcin

Colorful greek home by Adam Sabic

Contrast by Giannis Dimitrou

Dubrovnik by Goran Safarek

Flower bud and Eiffel tower by Julien Boe

Foggy Tower by Marek Kijevsky

Gates of Paradise by Atilla Karadaq

Giotto’s View by Federico Napoleoni


Golden Light on Manarola by Federico Ravassard

Highland Pipes by Anthony W.S. Soo

La Passeur by Stephane Messiers

Musician by Husain Al-Ahdal

Old World Laundry Day by Eric Bjerke

Parenting by Eugene Anball

Reitdeiphaven by Oliver Michels

“Sto te Nema” by Antoine Bruneau

Summer by Panagiotis Kouvedakis

Walking Priest by Antoine Tardy


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