The 7 Dumbest Reasons Why Men Have Dumped Women

They think of any old excuse to become singl

Good reasons for leaving
Unfortunately, men don't always have good reasons for leaving.

Sometimes, they think of any old excuse to become single, again.

According to Imgur, here are a few reasons why men have dumped women:

1. Because of the Moon Landing

Everyone has their own beliefs and conspiracies.

2. Because of Her Pronunciation

It's the little things that can really get on your nerves.

3. Because of Her Sexual Techniques

To be fair, underwear is one of the items of clothing that probably should come off during sex.

4. Because of Her Quirks

This is a little strange, but it's not the biggest deal.

5. Because of Her DVR Skills

I mean, the point of taping a show is so you can skip the commercials.

6. Because of How She Ate

When you're a couple, you do eat together all the time.

7. Because of Her Voice

Some weak men can't handle a woman's voice.

If you really like someone, you'll put up with little things like this that annoy you.


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