DIY Outdoor Race Car Track

Make kids to play wild together for hours

Helping hand of creativity

Playing outside (kids outdoor activities) is fun for kids, and if you have a large backyard, you are blessed with these DIY outdoor car race track project. Kids, especially boys have cars, but it’s easy for them to get bored themselves without playing with others. These race car tracks you’ve set up in your backyard will make kids to play wild together for hours. The project is quite easy to complete, as you can see in the pictures. After a bit of digging, some assembly of the tracks and landscaping, the play area you’ve decided is ready to use. Your kids will spend hours of fun into the DIY project you made with your own hands and a helping hand of creativity from us.

Tutorial Via BHG, and More Outdoor Activities
An inexpensive one with cinder bricks and rocks

Tutorial Via Niccola on Tuesday

Tutorial Via

Tutorial Via Lowes

DIY Outdoor Race Car Track Tutorial


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