Unexpectedly Awesome Things about Awful Breakups

It doesn't matter whose fault it was

Those feelings are patently untrue
Most breakups are at least a little awful, even when they're amicable, if only because you're ending an important part of your life.

Ending a relationship is never easy, but the really awful breakups, they're especially heinous.

It doesn't matter whose fault it was, why you broke up, or how messy the actual breakup was, it still sucks and you're often left feeling like you are dead inside, the world is dark, and you will never feel happy again.

Those feelings are perfectly natural, but they're patently untrue.

See, even the worst breakup has its awesome side.

You just have to be able to look past the trees so you can see the whole forest.

1. Awful Breakups Make You More Fearless

Once you go through your first really awful breakup, you've been through it. You know how terrible it feels. You know what kind of hell you go through. You fear things a lot less after you experience a bad ending in a relationship, especially when it comes to your love life.

2. You Don't Have to Be Permanently Attached to Your Phone Now

No more waiting for calls or text messages, checking read receipts, or composing novel-long texts. No more stalking Facebook and Instagram and Twitter, trying to see what your boo is up to or posting updates about your fab relationship. You're free!

3. It Gives You Time to Work on Yourself

This is unquestionably the most awesome part of an awful breakup because there's so much potential for clarity and perspective afterward.

4. You Feel Less Stress when It's Finally over

It's just like this huge weight off your shoulders. You're no longer waiting for the other shoe to drop or wondering what's going to happen and what you're going to do.

5. It's Great Mom-talk Material

Definitely talk to your mom, if that's possible. If not, talk to your person.

6. You Can Finally Rant and Vent about All the Things That Bugged You

That is, you can rant and vent without worrying that what you say will affect your friends' opinion of your partner. You know how hard it is to complain when you're still together because you don't want your friends to hate your lover once the fight's over? Yeah, that's no longer a concern.

7. You'll save a Ton of Money

A ton.

8. You Can Be Selfish Again

In fact, it's the best time to be selfish. You need to focus solely on yourself for a while.

9. Now There's Space in Your Life for Something Better

Everything happens for a reason. Your awful breakup leaves room for something truly amazing, which will show itself when the time is right.

10. You Don't Have to Worry about Another Person

Sometimes worrying about someone else is exhausting. It's hard enough to be responsible for yourself, let alone someone else.

11. This Can Be a Blessing in Disguise

It's not even necessarily in disguise. It might be a straight out blessing, especially if your relationship just wasn't making you happy.

12. It Makes You Feel Angry

Any type of breakup can make you feel angry, but an awful breakup is almost guaranteed to make you feel that way – and that's good. Anger is a great motivator.

13. You'll Become More Independent

Even if you're the most independent woman on the planet, it's natural to lose some independence when you're in a relationship. Now, however, you're not dependent on anyone and no one's dependent on you.

14. You'll Become More Creative

Anger is also great for inspiration. Besides, when you're unhappy, it sucks the imagination right out of you. Once you've ditched your dud for good, your creativity will blossom again.

15. You Can Finally Explore Your Passions

There's nothing and no one holding you back!

16. You Realize How Strong You Are

You are so strong. When you overcome an awful situation, it makes you even stronger.

17. Being Single is Kind of Fun

“Kind of.”


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