Groom and Bridal Party Put On An Amazing ‘Smooth Criminal’ Dance At The Reception

That all depends on the bride and groom

Something awesome
When you go to a wedding, you’d better prepare yourself for something awesome.

Whether it’s the most touching ceremony you’ve ever seen, leaving not even one single dry eye in the place that makes it amazing, or it’s the literally-out-of this-world catering that puts a wedding on your list of top five of all time… that all depends on the bride and groom.

Some couples are all about the decor and the venue, showering everything with beautiful floral centerpieces and billowing fabrics. Others are all about the food and socializing, and opt for a buffet style setup, so everyone can talk to anyone that they please while enjoying some delicious food. Others, still, think it’s all about the music, and spend a big hunk of their budget on the best of the best of wedding bands or DJs so that everyone can dance the night away.

It’s up to the bride and groom to pick their poison of awesomeness. But this groom? He chose to surprise everyone with a dance.

When he takes the floor during the reception, it’s just him, standing all alone in his white suit and a fedora shading most of his face. This look is oddly familiar…

Then the music begins to play.

I bet that his wedding guests never saw this one coming! His moves are spot-on.

Then, when his bride comes to join him? This is perfection.


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