These Fairy Gardens Will Make Your Yard Look Magical Af

There are loads of fun options for making yours perfect

Easy to create
Fairy gardens are pretty popular these days. I have one in my front yard!

They are really easy to create since there are loads of fun options for making yours perfect.

Need some inspiration?

Check out these cool ideas and you'll be super excited to get started building a fairy garden of your very own.

1. Build It in a Wheelbarrow

2. Try Something Eclectic

3. Set It up by a Large Tree

4. Add Lots of Plants

5. In a Barrel

6. Tiny Garden in a Flowerpot

7. It's All in the Details

8. Super Tiny Fairyland

9. Spread It out

10. Put It on Your Porch

11. Make It Life Size

12. Super Symmetrical

13. Go Big or Go Home

14. Use Lots of Color

15. Make a Whole Fairy Neighborhood

16. Put It in an Old Tub

17. Keep It Natural

18. Straight from the English Countryside

19. Focus on the Flowers

20. Don't Forget to Add a Fairy

21. Magic in the Woods


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