This Building Will Benefit the Future Progressively Aging Population

Buildings that do not stand stationary in time

Urban future
Would you like to know what it is like living in a world that supports aging all the way through one’s life? The project Skyler was created by the team effort of Factory Fifteen, cool filmmakers from London to recreate buildings that do not stand stationary in time, but grow, shape and expand as time unfolds. The concept and the design of the building were made by Matthias Hollwich, March Kushner, Robert May and Scott Miller, and the animation was created by HWKN to accompany the “New Aging” book by Matthias Hollwich and Bruce Mau Design. This tridimensional project’s message consisting of a book, a film and an architectural design is ‘Live smarter now to live better forever”. How would the urban future increasingly aging population live further in time?


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