Viktor Kee struts out in bizarre bodysuit, impresses 'AGT' judges with unique talent

A combination of dance and mind-blowing juggling moves

What an incredible talent!
Ukranian-American Viktor Kee’s performance on "America’s Got Talent" dazzled judges and the crowd alike. When Kee walked out on stage in his body suit (literally!) Howie Mandel immediately questioned his costume choice with a confused, “What are you wearing? Are you wearing something up there?”

However, the laughter about Kee’s outfit was immediately lost once his performance started. A combination of dance and mind-blowing juggling moves performed to the dramatic sound of classical music, immediately brought the crowd to their feet. Even host Nick Cannon was impressed as he exclaimed, “Whoa! This dude is amazing!”

Kee did offer a bit of insight as to how he gained his talent. He skimmed over his background by saying that at five years old his brother snuck him into a juggling show. However, there’s a lot more to the story than that. According to his official website, Kee is a serious performer. His older brother had actually snuck him into a circus school he was attending called “Uday”. There, Kee learned the ins and outs of performance and circus art.

With his skill he was able to perform in major productions such as Moulin Rouge in Paris. Kee has also been the recipient of numerous awards including winning a gold medal at the 28th International Circus Festival in Paris. Kee has also put his efforts in founding a nonprofit organization, Viktor Kee Foundation, that focuses on empowering the creativity in children who come from poverty-stricken backgrounds.

What an incredible talent!


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