Ikebana Artist Turns an Old Vespa Piaggio into a Flower Shop

Ikebana style created an elegant flower shop

Beauty of arranging flowers
Stunning results ensue when a top artist takes over an advertising campaign for a famous designer brand and decides to use the best of his
or her skills to create something marvelous. Just look at the awesomeness made by this Japanese floral virtuoso for the brand Fendi. Azuma Makoto took an old Vespa scooter and by using the delicate beauty of arranging flowers in a subtle ikebana style created an elegant flower shop that reminds of botanical heaven. The mobile shop is open to the public in one of Fendi’s stores in Tokyo. Visitors can look around the flower shelves to buy minimalist orchid arrangements or simple, yet beautiful bunches of white flowers and greenery. A real treat for the refined lovers of the famous Italian brand.


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