17 Cool Design Bars And Restaurants that Make World Cities Famous

Some amazingly designed places from around the world

The city essence
Good bars and restaurants are the best commercial for world capitals or smaller famous cities. The food and the local favorite places speak volumes about the city essence. You surely remember that this is one of the first questions you ask when you decide to visit a famous place. To save you the trouble of asking too many questions (and some time to that matter), here are some amazingly designed places from around the world.

We are sure that the food does not stay many steps behind, but the priority of these cool places is their design. And, everyone loves dining or having a drink at a lovely place. If you know these restaurants, why don’t you share what you think of them?

Aluminum Flower Garden, Japan

Twister, Ukraine

Le Pain Frances, Sweden

Banq, Boston

Undersea Ithaa Restaurant, Maldives

Sage, Las Vegas

Tori Tori, Mexico

Lanesborough, London

Shyo-ryu-ken, Japan

Zense Restaurant, Bangkok

The Design Bar, Sweden

Iniala Restaurant, Phuket, Thailand

Giger Bar, Switzerland

Jane Restaurant, Belgium

Ammo Restaurant, China

Ozone Bar, Hong Kong

Mayur Vihar Bar, Mumbai


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