22 Things That You Won’t Believe They Still Make

Check the list below

Really? That’s still a thing?
1. Phone books are still being made. Seeing 2016/17 printed on a phone book is surreal.

2. There are some chocolates that you’d never believe are still made.

3. Like Wagon Wheels!

4. Or these!

5. Or even these!

6. Best of all though, Club biscuits are still a thing.

7. For some reason, complicated calculators haven’t been replaced with an app yet.

8. There are some top notch sweets that are still made as well.

9. Hell yeah.

10. Mainly the ones that you might have forgotten about in the first place.

11. Sherbet goddamn fountains.


12. These little pencils with changeable canisters are around today, inexplicably.

13. So many snacks don’t need to make a return, because they never left!

14. Spectacular snacks.

15. And they’re all still here.

16. Like these Fish ‘N’ Chips.

17. And these.

18. Cans without ringpulls are still being sold. Why? WHY?

19. Some of those cereals you forgot about are still available.

20. Like this one, that actually has no dinosaur eggs in. FFS.

21. These little flying plane things that always broke in about 2.5 seconds are still around.

22. And there is no possible reason that these still exist.


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