This Ostrich Pillow Will Let You Fall Asleep in Crowded Places

You just got some brand new competition

Sleep is becoming a luxury
In the age of smart software, mobility and remote work, sleep is becoming a luxury. If you need to stay in a crowded place, have a nap at the airport or take a 10-mnute rest in an open office, this might be the ideal gadget for you. The Ostrich pillow (it is not too hard to imagine why it is called so) creates a secluded dark and quiet place around your head to distract unwelcome noise and light. The manufacturers say that the pillow is not exactly a pillow, a cushion, a bed or a garment, but a bit of each at the same time. It comes in three basic colors, in junior size and in “light” version. You can fold it and carry it in a bag – like a bedroom on the go. Small hotels look out – you just got some brand new competition!


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