7 Simple Hacks To Make Your Days In The Kitchen Easier

If there really is an easier or more effective way around?

Amazing kitchen hacks
Do you reach for the brown sugar and find it’s rock hard? Are you sick of welling up every time you chop an onion? If you spend a lot of your time in the kitchen then you know the little daily annoyances you can face that make you wonder if there really is an easier or more effective way around them.

This video from Leaf shows you these 7 amazing kitchen hacks that are easy and effortless, save you time and use what you already have in your cupboards!
  • Stop onion tears: Rub your chopping board with white wine vinegar.
  • Deal with those pesky tight lids: All you need is two elastic bands.
  • Separate the good eggs from the bad: Drop them in a glass of water.
  • Naturally kill those nasty bugs on your chopping board: Lemon juice and kosher salt will do the trick.
  • Peeling an egg too difficult?: Baking soda is your saviour!
  • Keep your sugar soft: Three marshmallows – two for the sugar, one for eating!
  • Keep that all important glass of wine chilled: Just add frozen grapes.


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