Best of Two Worlds Photos Show What Hides in The Ocean

Better we know what hides in the ocea

Windows Beneath the Waves
Underwater photographers have the most amazing experiences just from being around marine animals, and what can we say of Matty Smith? Based in Stanwell Park in New South Wales, this ocean wildlife photographer has created the half-underwater, half-overwater collection of ocean photos called “A Parallel Universe: Windows Beneath the Waves” that represent the ocean from both perspectives. The unique portfolio collection has brought him many awards and wide recognition. Knowing the secrets of the sea of the area where he lives, he made these stunning images that show a totally new look of the underwater world. Good to know the beautiful corals, not so the scary amphibians, but, hey, the truth always comes out! So better that we know what hides in the ocean!

Physalia physalis (bluebottle) taken as an over/under image in Bushrangers Bay, NSW Australia. After strong NE winds hundreds of these zooids were blown into the bays around Shellharbour and trapped overnight. Post processing is limited to colour temp and small amounts of burning. Also slightly cropped.


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