The Most Frustrating GIFs Every Gamer Has Experienced

Moments that make you want to throw your controller at the TV

Ready to go on a rage-bender
I'm an avid gamer. I'm a weird gamer, too – I don't branch out often. I still rock Mario Kart, MediEvil, and various GTAs, but still. I understand the struggle. I know those moments that make you want to throw your controller at the TV. I'm here with you. We can get through this.

First, see if any of these GIFs make you so angry that you're ready to go on a rage-bender.

1. Rainbow Road


In every version of Mario Kart, it's the prettiest level and the hardest to beat. Once you get up there in more recent games, it's even more maddening. Augh!


2. NEVER Making THAT Jump

I still can't make this jump. Yes, I've tried. I literally try like every six months. I suck.

3. When They Get Beginner's Luck

Actually, anytime anyone plays for the first time and pulls off some massively impressive feat, it's aggravating and annoying and generally awful.

4. When You Die Right before the Checkmark


5. When You Keep Dying in the Same Place

There is nothing more maddening than this. Absolutely nothing.

6. When the Game Has to Rub in That You Died

This makes me angrier than actually dying. Why you gotta rub it in? Why you gotta mess with me like that? Because now I'm shit-talking to a TV screen and it's not a good look for me.

7. The Never Ending Staircase

You find these in so many games, not just Mario games. There is almost always a mysterious staircase that never ends and you're just waiting to get to the boss.

8. That Stupid Baby Penguin

But back to the subject of Mario, I hate that penguin.

9. That Feeling when You've Killed Every Enemy


10. Nooo

How does this happen? How does this always happen?

11. The Maps

The only thing I really hate about maps is navigating them. It's boring and it takes forever when I just want to plaaay.

12. Those Loops

But once you perfected this, it was pretty cool, right?

13. WTF?

Running across something that makes no sense whatsoever just leaves you sitting there, staring at the screen and questioning your life choices.

14. It's so Much More than a Video Game to You


15. That Curve

Video games make me paranoid about soft shoulders.

16. Getting Hit

Any time. Ever. Even if it's your fault. It always sucks.

17. This Run

This is me. Not when I play this game, either, just when I try to go for a run.

18. WTF? Part Two

The Sims just … they're the Sims.

19. Why Fly?

Where you goin', Luigi? Now, have you experienced any of these moments? Okay. Take a deep breath. Stretch your fingers. Try again.

Or launch your controller at the TV, that's acceptable, too.


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