Reusable Pocket-sized Bioplastic Cards Can Fix Anything

One of the best little tools to keep around the house

The plastic isn’t rubbery
When something gets broken, there is often little you can do to fix it, but now an innovative meltable bioplastic card can fix or modify anything you need with ease. FORMcard melts in hot water, and it can be shaped in whatever way you need. When you are done with it, or even if your first go around at fixing something didn’t work, just put it back in some hot water, and it becomes malleable and ready to fix something all over again.

Products that promise universal fixes can often be really expensive, but you can get 3 FORMcards for just US$7 on Indiegogo. The fact that the innovative cards are completely reusable means that this could be one of the best little tools to keep around the house, or even in your wallet, for whenever you need it.

FORMcard is an instant fix, for emergencies or maybe for when you were wanting to modify one of your favorite gadgets. The plastic isn’t rubbery, in fact it can be most closely compared to nylon and used in whatever application you need. For roughly about 2 dollars a card, these little bioplastic cards could even be used to make toys for your kids or even create some quick prototypes for a project you are working on.

The best part of these cards is that if you mess up, or don’t like what you created, then you can just melt it down again and start over. You can see above just a few of the ways the plastic could be used to fix broken tools, but really the possibilities are endless.

The bioplastic in FORMcards is starch based and completely non-toxic, meaning that there are no harmful chemicals hidden within. Through meticulous work with chemical companies, they have even gone out of their way to make sure that the dyes that give the cards their color are completely styrene-free, opting for safer powdered pigments.

If you are wanting to check out some more innovative ways you can use FORMcards, their website is continuously updated with creative solutions.

FORMcards are the perfect gift for every engineer or handyman, and their versatile, practical uses could make them a staple for every DIY project. If you really want to get on board with FORMcard, the more you buy, the cheaper each card becomes. Imagine having a whole drawer of these little guys that you can use to fix or build whatever you need.


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