Hanging Bed Gives the Comfort of Hammock-like Sleeping Experience

Adaptable for small bedrooms

Sleeping into the woods
Gorgeousness of the surrounding aside, this hanging bed still gives us the flutters with its cool hammock design reminding us of sleeping
into the woods. Handmade in Poland by the designer Wiktor Jazwiec, the bed combines natural materials like wood, pine, teak, oak, ash, brass, jute, stainless steel and wood wax into its making.

The coolest thing about the bed is the “pull down and up’ mechanism that lets the bed come down in a sleeping position, and go up to free the space beneath for other things. This makes it very adaptable for small bedrooms that can additionally be used as a lounge, workroom or an exercise area.

It comes in four colors and in high-gloss or matte finish. After making your choice, what is left is getting prepared to pay the extravagant price tag to have it shipped to your location.


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