Cool Yamaha Swan-Like Scooter with Insect Wings Will Make You Feel like Flying

Side wings in the shape of the thin see-through insect wings

Feel as elegant as a swan
Now you can literally fly while you are on the road.

With the new Yamaha 04 GEN Scooter, there is no need to board a plane, make a parachute jump or paraglide to feel the air beneath your wings. This concept scooter is designed to look as graceful as a swan, with side wings that open up in the shape of the thin see-through insect wings. Let us see how will the concept scooter look like when it hits the stores – will we feel as elegant as a swan and as fast as a wasp?

Does the Japanese automotive brand want to compete with its Italian counterpart – Vespa (Vespa meaning ‘wasp’ in Italian)? We can’t say, but we would not mind spreading our shiny wings while hitting the road!


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