This Tropical Destination is Closer than You Think

Jolly good reasons to choose Belize as your vacation destination

Plenty of charm
You really don’t have to head off into the South pacific for some tropical paradise.

If you’re a bit bleugh about the whole Caribbean island thing, Belize is the answer.

This small country nestled in between Mexico and Guatemala has a Caribbean coastline and plenty of charm.

There are plenty of jolly good reasons to choose Belize as your vacation destination:

1. Beaches

Sure, we’ve all been to beaches before, what’s the big deal? Unlike the large, sprawling beaches of California or Florida, the beaches of Belize are small in stature but big in character and personality. They never get overcrowded and some are even right next to tropical rainforests, just waiting for you to explore!

2. Travel Ease

Thanks to Belize’s small size, it is a country that you can easily travel through. By sea, by road or by air, the entire country can be explored in a few days, which means that you can be satisfied that you have got every single piece of culture out of your holiday, leaving no stone unturned!

3. Maya Ruins

One of the best reasons to visit Belize is for the opportunity to visit the amazing Maya ruins that cover the country. There are literally more Maya ruins in Belize per square mile than in any other country in the world, so it should definitely be on your bucket list if you want to explore that culture.

4. Wildlife

Due to its low population density, Belize has very little industrial development, and as a result is something of a natural haven for wildlife. The country is rich in bush and tropical rainforest, and is home to the single largest Jaguar preserve in the entire world.

5. The Great Blue Hole

This is a natural wonder that is synonymous with the country of Belize. This gigantic sea cave can be seen from outer space and is centered by a hole that is roughly 500 feet deep. The Great Blue Hole is one of the most sought after attractions for scuba divers around the world.

6. Snorkeling/Diving

And talking of diving … the Belize barrier reef is a coral reef that spans the entire length of the country, and the conditions around this natural wonder are perfect for snorkelers and divers to explore and take in all of the amazing natural sights that accompany this fascinating eco-system.

7. Food!

Trust me, you haven’t tasted good food until you have sampled the cuisine of Belize! You won’t find any snooty Michelin star restaurants, but what you will find is local dishes cooked with love and years of family tradition, with, of course, an array of seafood being the star attraction of most meals!

8. Islands

When you are finished with the mainland, you have the option of exploring literally hundreds of habitable islands just off the coast of the country. Hire a boat and spend your time pretending to be Robinson Crusoe, not forgetting to make the most of the crystal clear waters for a cooling swim!

9. Adventure Travel

Belize might be small, but it certainly has enough potential for adventure to keep you interested for an entire holiday. From exploring underground rivers to spending a night in a remote jungle lodge to racing down river rapids, there will never be a boring minute during your stay!

10. Weather

Being a tropical country, Belize, of course, has weather to die for. With an average annual temperature of 84F, you will be able to rid yourself of memories of wet Sundays and cold winters, even if you decide to visit during the Christmas holidays!

Belize is a fabulous country and the travel world is waking up to that fact.

It’s certainly worth your consideration for a tropical destination.


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