12 Binder Clip Life Hacks

How to use everyday items in ways you never thought possible

A whole new world of possibilities
YouTuber Crazy Russian Hacker is exactly what his username would suggest. He’s crazy, and he’s a hacker. With over 5 million subscribers, this famous YouTuber is known for creating videos that show you how to use everyday items in ways you never thought possible. Did you know you could do all of that with just a drinking straw?

In the video below, this Russian hacker shows you a dozen way you can use a simple binder clip. While most of us think that it’s only useful for holding papers, he opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

First, he shows us how we can get the last bit of toothpaste out of the tube, and then moves on to use cases such as airing out a sponge or saving space in the pantry. He always prioritizes safety, and he shows you a nice way to keep a razor safe so you don’t accidentally cut anyone while traveling.

These are all innovative and useful ideas, and I am sure you can incorporate some of them in your everyday life.


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