One-of-a-kind Decorative Wall Art Made of Moss and Greenery

Moss letters are a very cool way to tell a message

Adaptive for wall sculptures
If you haven’t heard about using moss as decoration, here is some assistance for you in that area. Moss is incredibly adaptive for wall sculptures as it grows fast, it can be cut in the desired shape and it looks gorgeous. Art We Heart combine moss with other decorative plants to create wall art just as you like it.

Most of their design include letters, and why not – moss letters are a very cool way to tell a message, write a logo or present a brand. If
you do not intend to use it for business, there is always an intimate saying that can be made of moss. Instead of using plain, printed letters, why don’t you say it with moss, aloe and grass? Art We Heart accepts custom orders. So, if you like their work, start thinking what would you like to say to the world!



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