17 Clear Cut Signs You're a Risk-Taking Rebel

We're conditioned to see some things as rebellious

The most rascally little rebel
Rebels come in many forms. So do risk takers.

Of course, we're conditioned to see some things as rebellious, even if they're so common now that they're no longer risky or risque.

That's okay, though.

It just makes it easier for you to tell if you're the biggest risk taker or the most rascally little rebel in your group.

1. You're All about Body Modifications

Even if you have to deal with people that someone with tattoos or facial piercings will never, ever be taken seriously. Yawn.

2. You Look up to Other Rebels

Of course, your view of what constitutes a rebel is all your own. Who's your favorite rebel?

3. You Will Fight for Your Beliefs

That's pretty rebellious these days. Pretty risky, too, for that matter.

4. You Have a History of Trouble Making

Just a little harmless fun. Lighting fires for joy, that kind of thing.

5. You Always Take the Dare

Dares are the only choice in a hardcore game of Truth or Dare. Truth is for scaredy cats.

6. You Make People Get out of Their Comfort Zones

You are all about pushing boundaries. You don't force yourself on people, but you're always the one who helps your meek, quiet friends splash out.

7. You're Typically the Leader of the Pack

Even if you don't necessarily feel that way, it's a good bet that your friends look to you for leadership, or at least inspiration.

8. You Are Fearless

And even when you're not, you use your fears as motivation. You never let them stop you.

9. You Don't Get Embarrassed

What's the point of getting embarrassed? People can't make fun of you if you don't give a damn about their opinions.

10. You Aren't Afraid to Speak Your Mind

You will always speak out when you think it's right. You're not afraid of standing behind your opinion, even when it's not the popular one.

11. You'll Fight to Get Your Point across

Well, you (hopefully) won't get physical, but you'll stand up for what you believe, just like you'll stand up for your opinion. You won't force your point on other people, but you'll fight to be understood.

12. You Don't Care if People Think You're Rude Sometimes

Sometimes a rebellious nature comes across as rude. It happens.

13. You Don't Answer to Anyone

Except yourself, of course.

14. Authority is a Problem for You

Damn the man! Save the empire!

15. You're Typically the Life of the Party

Whether you're brooding in the corner or dancing on the table, you are the party. The party is wherever you are.

16. You Have a Real Wild Streak

This trait quite often intersects with your affinity for always taking the dare.

17. Nobody Can Really Stereotype You

You defy definition. You are a unicorn.


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