Abandoned Shelter Dogs Get Groomed to Find Their New Homes

Groomed and photographed for adoption

Adorable, styled and good-looking
Prepare to have your hearts melted. Here is a personal story that will have you seriously consider your priorities and fill you with gratitude. These adorable, styled and good-looking dogs are part of Tammy Swarek’s Shelter Pet’s Project made after Tammy had a personal devastating life experience of losing her home in a tornado storm back in 2010.

Thanks to her efforts, dozens of dogs from the Arkansas Union County Animal Protection Society were adopted and found their new homes. Opal, Moses, Mr. Burns, Patty, Whinnie, General Patton, Ms. Smith and Casanova are just a few among the 300 that Tammy plans to groom and photograph for adoption.

She has the help of her best friend, Tammy Michael, who is a floral designer and photography assistant. If you are interested in adopting, get in touch with UCAPS – you may just find your match and add a happy new resident to your home.


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