DIY Chevron Nails with Scorch Tape

Make difficult nail designs to be the simplest thing

Nail Hack
Time to show off our fancy nails again on fingers and toes! I love new and simple ideas to make difficult nail designs to be the simplest thing to do. We have many nail hacks that we have learned and make our home manicure easy ever!

Have you ever tried to free-hand stripes across your nails? It reminds me of a group of Pinterest fails-Candy cane nails, it’s actually way too easy with the help of scorch tape stripes! And today we use scorch tape again for our nails, but cut in zigzag to make Chevron nails!! (Guess you will love these wavy nails for beach time and Summer dresses). Yet for those of us who aren’t gifted with the talent of a steady hand, Cute Polish has a relatively painless method for giving your nails the Chevron facelift we can remodel at home.

Start by painting your nails with two coats of a light color for your base. Paint two coats on a piece of regular Scotch tape and wait till dry, then cut narrow strips with a pair of zigzag scissors. Fit and apply the strips to your dry nails, trim, and make sure there’s some uniformity between your nails. Then finish it off with a fast-drying topcoat and you are done.

Ane Li Also shows how to make the chevron nails which I prefer, too. Especially Method 1, ’cause cutting the exact length of tape before adhering to nails is a bit challenging for me! Use pre-cut tapes and paint whichever color afterwards works better, such as ombre or rainbow nails. Which do you prefer?!


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