The 24 best restaurants in New York City

Several noteworthy lists from food critics

The very best for a special night out
With so many restaurants to choose from in New York City, picking the very best for a special night out can be a daunting task.

Luckily, we recently ranked the best restaurants in America, and several of them happen to be in New York.

Our rankings were based on several noteworthy lists from food critics, experts, and diners.

These are the best restaurants in New York City, according to our rankings:

24. Bâtard

Chef: Markus Glocker

23. Babbo

Chef: Mario Batali

22. Café Boulud

Chef: Daniel Boulud, Aaron Bludorn (executive chef)
Café Boulud

21. The Spotted Pig

Chef: April Bloomfield
The Spotted Pig

20. Soto

Chef: Sotohiro Kosugi

19. Jungsik

Chef: Jungsik Yim

18. Ichimura

Chef: Eiji Ichimura

17. Atera

Chef: Ronny Emborg

16. Marea

Chef: Michael White, Lauren DeSteno (chef de cuisine)

15. Aquavit

Chef: Emma Bengtsson

14. Gotham Bar and Grill

Chef: Alfred Portale
Gotham Bar and Grill

13. NoMad

Chef: Daniel Humm, James Kent (executive chef)

12. Blanca

Chef: Carlo Mirarchi

11. Del Posto

Chef: Mario Batali, Mark Lander (executive chef)
Del Posto

10. Gabriel Kreuther

Chef: Gabriel Kreuther
Gabriel Kreuther

9. The Modern

Chef: Abram Bissell
The Modern

8. Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare

Chef: Cesar Ramirez
Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare

7. Momofuku Ko

Chef: David Chang, Sean Gray (executive chef)
Momofuku Ko

6. Daniel

Chef: Daniel Boulud, Jean-Francois Bruel (executive chef), Eddy Leroux (chef de cuisine)

5. Jean-Georges

Chef: Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Mark Lapico (executive chef)

4. Masa

Chef: Masayoshi Takayama

3. Per Se

Chef: Thomas Keller, Eli Kaimeh (chef de cuisine)
Per Se

2. Le Bernardin

Chef: Eric Ripert, Eric Gestel (executive chef)
Le Bernardin

1. Eleven Madison Park

Chef: Daniel Humm, Chris Flint (chef de cuisine)
Eleven Madison Park


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