This Self-Taught Artist Tailors Fabulous Cinderella-like Gowns

Historical dresses and the charm or old style paintings

You will love Angela’s work
Looking at her online portfolio, you can not be but amazed by the attitude, the effort and the persistence of Angela Clayton who sews, as she says ‘historically accurate or inspired by certain paintings’ dresses.

Angela comes from Long Island, New York and is self-taught. She obtained most of her knowledge on the Internet and through the trial and error system. Although quite young, she knows exactly what she wants – a job in the costume industry. And is seems that she has chosen well, saying about herself that she is quiet and introverted.

For now, Angela is almost a one-man show since she tailors and models her work herself. Looking at her talent, this will not be for very long. If you like medieval dressing, historical dresses and the charm or old style paintings you will love Angela’s work.


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