Awesome Modernistic Furniture Made from Boeing 737 Aircraft Parts

Combining unbounded imagination, technical knowledge and sturdy aircraft materials

Fallen Furniture
How do you feel about some aircraft furniture? No, not the narrow chairs, tiny luggage compartments and terribly small toilets. Fallen Furniture’s products are made from actual aircraft parts. Used parts include a Boeing 737 engine cowling, a Boeing or Airbus fuselage window section and an R.A.F. MK1 practice cluster bomb.

The furnishing company manufactures drinking cabinets, luxurious chairs, wall decorations, bars and other amazing home gadgets and appliances by combining unbounded imagination, technical knowledge and sturdy aircraft materials.

The results are stunning and ultra cool – it feels like the power of a huge plane has just landed in your living room and that you have made the purchase of the century. Knowing the quality of the materials used on planes, this rings very true. Guests would be absolutely won over when you serve them a drink from a cluster bomb drinking cabinet while they are spinning around in the cowling round chair. (Do not feel guilty if you want to use this pleasure all by yourself!)


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