12 Photos Parents Should Probably Stop Posting To Facebook

It only SEEMS like we don’t have filters

Third American Girl doll? DELETE
1. That video of your kiddo doing their “potty dance” after their first successful poop-in-the-bowl.

2. And the “after” shot of the toilet bowl.

3. That otherwise perfect portrait of your child where their carseat strap is twisted.


4. The one that your kid looks great in, but your double chins are a little front and center.

5. That money shot from when your oldest lost their first tooth….but your youngest was taking off their diaper in the background.

How’d they even learn to do that?

6. That adorable burlesque dance your daughter did with the boa you got for your bridal shower.



7. The time your kid got into that open can of paint.

¯\_(?)_/¯ happens.

8. Anything that might be good for blackmailing them with later.

Like all those bathtub photos with their siblings that their future spouse will be just dying to see.

9. That hilarious photo of your kid pretending to chug a 40.

Context is important, folks.

10. The one where your infant is grinning that adorable one-toothed smile but both of your breasts are exposed in the background.


11. The picture from the day you left the room for FIVE MINUTES and your kid drew eyes on their nipples with your lipstick.

12. And any evidence of child-spoiling, like that gratuitous holiday bounty under your tree.

Third American Girl doll? DELETE.


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