17-year-old Louisa Johnson blows 'X Factor' judges away with Jackson 5 audition

Soaring version of the Jackson 5 classic, "Who's Loving You"

The young singer's powerful bluesy voice
"X Factor" judge Simon Cowell may have had a little bit of whiplash after the 2015 initial performance of seventeen-year-old contestant Louisa Johnson. His head flew up in amazement at the young singer's powerful bluesy voice after only a few notes of her audition. She held all the judge's attention with her soaring version of the Jackson 5 classic, "Who's Loving You."

"That is what you call a singer," Cowell exclaimed after a rare standing ovation from all four judges. "You are the one to beat right now. It was an incredible performance. I really, really want to mentor you!" The singer, already moved to tears by the judges' and audience's reaction was visibly overwhelmed by the words from the often harsh judge.

Johnson, who would eventually win the 2015 talent show, recently finished the talent show's tour and is working on her first album due to be released in late 2016. Although sales from her "X Factor" single, a cover of the Bob Dylan song "Forever Young," failed to impress, Cowell, who signed Johnson to his Syco label feels the failure rests in the song selection, not the talent. With a voice like that, it's worth seeing what comes next for the young singer. What do you think? Will Johnson's future album sales live up to the potential in this incredible clip?


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