The Little-Known Diverse Charm of the Skardu Tibetan Valley

Located at 2,438 meters height above sea level, on Karakorum mountains

Relationships between people and environment
Unexplored travel destinations are rare jewels nowadays. When we find a place that has not yet been made famous and overexploited, there is no end to the joy at hand. Thanks to Jaiser Abbas, we have a rare opportunity to travel through photos to one such place.

This is the Skardu Valley, one of the five gorgeous valleys of Skardu, the capital of Baltistan, located at 2,438 meters height above sea level, on Karakorum mountains. Baltistan is a mountainous region in Little Tibet. The Pakistani traveler and photographer from Chiniot said that he likes to explore places and relationships between people and environment with his camera. He did an amazing job with the undiscovered Skardu. Get to know the valley and remember what it is like when nature is not yet overpopulated with commercial inventions.


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