This is the Coolest Toilet Paper Packaging You Will Ever See

The coolness of the toilet paper wrapping

Awarded as deserved
Latona Marketing are the master of product packaging. While browsing through their inventions on their website you may be stunned by the clever and elegant cake packaging design in the shape of a piano. Cake pieces were separately packed in white and placed in a black box, and the piano cake design was awarded as deserved.

But while we do not deny the value of the super slick musical packaging, we are equally astounded by the coolness of the toilet paper wrapping the same marketing agency came up with. The design features toilet paper rolls packed in kiwi, orange, watermelon and strawberry paper, adequately designed for wrapping to resemble the real shape of the fruits. The fruity toilet paper will definitely get noticed in a selling section with plain white packaging. Wrapping toilet paper printed with any message you want? That is one smart way to reach customers in the loo!


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