Prominent New York Architecture in Ghostly Black & White Images

Photographing distinguished New York constructions in a spooky monochrome view

Making New York a classic
Photographers love to take shots of New York from many different angles and perspectives. The metropolitan has been a favorite of many photo artists. The especially rich history, the development and the one-of-a-kind whiff produce amazing landscapes, making New York a classic. But since color photography showed up, its black and white glamour has rarely been restored.

Denis Ramos did try just that, by photographing distinguished New York constructions in a spooky monochrome view. Denis brings the feeling of the film noir atmosphere, or at least the air of 40s classic movies. It is a sense that we can remember New York such as it was on old photographs, just at the time when the buildings were made, or even before. The solitude in the photos makes the city look like a town of ghosts, a fact that seems incomprehensible in the current busy NY culture.


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