DIY Canned Food Storage Solution

Simple trick to upgrade your kitchen cabinet

Kitchen Organization Hack
Organize your kitchen cabinet can be a bit challenge as least for me! I always leave some cans expired without noticing their existanace after several month putting them deep inside the pantry. It might seem a bit counter intuitive by adding wire shelving to your existing cabinet but it will give you more storage space and make it easier to access your favorite canned goods. The video below explains everything you’ll need to do to upgrade your kitchen shelves. Simply gather some wire shelving, a hacksaw, and screws, then follow the easy instructions below to begin transforming your messy kitchen cabinets into an organized can food display.

Depending on the number of kitchen cabinets you want to upgrade, this solution could take anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours to complete. Author and Writer Elisa Bernick on youtube shares with us the simple trick to upgrade your kitchen cabinet for canned food storage (check out more kitchen solution from family handyman).


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