8 times 'Game of Thrones' insiders blatantly lied to you about Jon Snow

Game of Thrones spoilers ahead!

Let us count the ways
If a man is only as good as his word, then the cast and showrunners of Game of Thrones are NO GOOD AT ALL.

Impressive alumni of the J.J. Abrams/Benedict Cumberbatch School of Widespread Untruths, everyone from Kit Harrington to Game of Thrones directors to Siri herself has been lying about the fate of a certain character for the past 10 months. (Even if they weren't technically technically lying, since Jon was indeed dead... before he came back to life on Sunday's episode.)

Just how did they lie to us? Let us count the ways.


June 26, 2015: Emilia Clarke says there's a "50/50 chance" he's aliveThere is a 100% chance you're a straight-up liar, Lie-nerys Lie-garyen.

July 10, 2015: Director David Nutter tells Obama that Jon Snow is "deader than dead"YOU KNOW NOTHING, DAVID NUTTER.

Jan. 27, 2016: Harrington: "Jon Snow is dead"..."He died at the end of Season 5." Objectively, these are true statements. BUT STILL.

August 27, 2015: Head of HBO Drama says Snow is "100% dead"If by 100 you mean "less than 100," or also zero.

October 2, 2015: Maisie Williams says "no" when asked if Jon's alive, and "yes, he's dead"We're going to keep asking until we hear what we want to hear.

April 4, 2016: Kit Harrington takes a lie-detector test
He does not pass.

April 11, 2016: Siri answers questions about Jon SnowShe, at least, knows how to be brilliantly evasive.

April 14, 2016: Maisie Williams is tired of answering questions about Jon SnowRead: She is tired of telling dirty lies to all these innocent people. At least you found your conscience, Maisie.

Hooray, Game of Thrones fans! He's alive! Now we can go back to fearing for his death every week, like we used to.



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