Majestic Hummingbird Bunch Pays Daily Visits to This Musician

Photographing the charming flock of her hummingbird friends

Enjoying the privilege each morning
Who wouldn’t want to be woken up by the song of a rainbow-like covey of hummingbirds instead of the (usually) annoying buzz of smartphone alarms? While not all of us are that lucky, Tracy Johnson enjoys the privilege each morning.

This musician’s home is in Livermore, California. She comes out in the backyard each morning to feed and photograph the charming flock of her hummingbird friends. While they feed with the sugar water that Tracy has prepared for them, she captures images of the stunning colorful feathers that come in facinating variations.

Each bird is unique. Hanging with them for so long, this musician recognizes their authentic looks. This is why she decided to name them all and can tell so much about their habits. If you want to take photos of hummingbirds, Tracy says that you need to be patient. She certainly know how to do it – see the amazing little buzz birds below.


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