7 Signs You Should Date Yourself and Forget the Rest

If you're not happy, no one else can make you happy

Forget about everybody else
Straight talk: the most fulfilling relationship you'll ever have is the one you have with yourself.

Here's the thing – if you're not happy, no one else can make you happy, you won't let anyone else make you happy, and you probably can't really make anyone else happy, either.

It's hard to feel or inspire happiness when you don't feel it, you know?

So, listen – if you're single, looking, sad, worried, waiting, whatever, stop.

Forget about everybody else.

Ask yourself to go steady.

1. No One Will Ever Love You like You Love Yourself

You know yourself better than anyone else. You know what you need, what you want, and what you can't handle. You know when you need to be alone, when you need to be around people, you know all your own sweet spots … you get the idea, right?

2. You'll Love the Time Alone

Being alone and having the time to connect with yourself is pretty delicious. It's also nice when you're not accountable to or responsible for anyone else.

3. You'll Love All the inside Jokes You Have with Yourself

Everyone else might wonder why you're laughing, but just tell them you're thinking of a private joke you share with your one true love.

4. There's No Going Dutch at Restaurants

You never have to worry about who's paying.

5. You'll save so Much Money

Plus, you only have to pay and buy for one. You will have so much disposable income!

6. Some Conversations Aren't Meant for Two

I mean, you can only keep a secret between two people if one of them dies.

7. You Never Have to Feel like You're Wasting Your Time

Because the time you spend on and with yourself is never a waste. Never. You are a valuable work in progress. Every second you invest in yourself is worth it.

8. No Awkward First Date Conversations

Frankly, the only time my conversation isn't awkward is when I talk to myself.

9. You Won't Have Any Mixed Signals

I mean, I hope you don't play cat and mouse games with yourself. You probably shouldn't do that.

10. You'll Feel More Confident

Why? Because you are loved and loving. Because you are a smart, creative, beautiful person in a fulfilling relationship with another smart, creative, beautiful person.

11. You'll Be Able to Depend on Yourself

That's more important than you may know. Sometimes, you're the only constant in your life. You need to know you can depend on yourself, if on no one else.

12. You Don't Have to Be on Tinder or OKCupid

Or Grindr or Match or any other dating app. Which means no unsolicited dick pics or bunny boilers.

13. You Can Treat Yourself without Feeling Bad

Not that you should ever feel bad for treating yourself anyway.

14. You Don't Have to Fight over Music Choices

You don't have to fight over anything – what to listen to, what to watch, where to go. Everything is entirely up to you.

15. You Don't Actually Have to Think about Anyone else

This might sound selfish, but you know what? When you're single, you don't have to think about anybody else. When you focus on your relationship with yourself, you're actually being a good partner by taking care of your own needs.

16. Your Netflix Queue is All You

You don't even have to put up with anyone else's profile. You can just make different ones for yourself.

17. You Never Have to Go out when You Don't Want to

Want to put on sweats and sit on your couch all weekend long?

Do it.

Your Friday night plans can consist of cereal for dinner and five hours of binge watching.

Your choice.

Besides, you are the funniest, sexiest, most brilliant person in the universe.


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