Flying Tent: The World’s First All-in-One Camping Gadget

Carrying only one single light camping gadget

Have more pleasant days in nature
Lovers of the outdoors – pay attention. Now, there is no longer need for you to carry all that multiple pieces of equipment when you decide to go camping. Imagine the ease of being in nature and carrying only one single light camping gadget that can transform into a floating tent, a rain poncho, a bivy tent and a hammock?

Inventors at Flying Tent have made all this possible. Taught by their own experience of suffering in the rain, being tortured by mosquitos and waking up in mud they decided to start a project that will help campers around the world have more pleasant days in nature.

The best thing about this tent is that it can be assembled in seven seconds, weighs less than 1,2kg, can be put into a miniature 15-inch-by-13-inch bag, and has an integrated mosquito net. There is even a color choice: it comes in two colors – orange sunset and green grasshopper. Watch the video below to make your own call if this hammock-tent really provides everything you need as a camper.


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