Titian Fur Kitten: The Almost Perfect Professional Cat Model

How to make good use of a natural fur beauty

Tangerine colored cat
Models who use their unique looks as an advantage are very popular at the moment. It is not only humans that follow trends – it is becoming popular with cats, too. This tangerine colored cat seems to know how to make good use of his natural fur beauty.

His photographer is the Moscow artist Kristina Makeeva who runs an Instagram account under the name of ‘hopopeeba’. While there are other images that Kristina puts there, the cool color contrasts and funny style of “her king” (as Kristina calls him) come to the forefront.

Hey, it is easy to come out so lovely on photos when you have features so striking – anyway, orange goes well against grey sweaters and blue sky backgrounds. Silverware and goldfish scales are not bad either. It seems as the king has one nice modelling career ahead of him.


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