30+ 3D Tattoos That Are Too Perfect to Be Real

The first signs of human interest in self-decorating with tattoos appeared about 5,000 ago. Since that time, tattooing is something that’s been in developing constantly.

Here are some tattoos that turn the human body into a masterpiece!

Ancient artists surely couldn’t imagine how realistic tattoos would be in the 21st century. Today, we are going to draw your attention to tattoo examples of an extremely high artistic quality!

1. Blue sky on the inside

2. Optical illusion

3. He found the girl of his dreams.

4. A sliver of light

5. “Do you have an extra pen?”

6. Supernatural

7. Graceful geometry

8. Zipper

9. Crouching tiger

10. Values

11. Did he meet Bigfoot?

12. “Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.”

13. Where does the time go?

14. “Everything you can imagine is real.”

15. Everybody has secrets.

16. Hypnotized

17. “You know I see you.”


18. A corset to hide your nature

19. “I saw what you did there.”

20.“Nobody cared who I was until I put on the mask.”

21. Human robot

22. “I’m different on the inside.”

23. Cyberpunk is now.

24. When your body is a canvas:

25. When your body is a manuscript:

26. Expecto Patronum!

27. Amazing optical illusion!

28. “Why so serious?”

29. The great Poseidon

30. Tattoo of a tattoo machine for a tattoo master

31. The eyes show the strength of the soul.

32. Exploring the universe

33. Flirtatious glance

34. The best tattoo for a truck driver!


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