20 Amazing Pictures of Plate Art Made With Real Food

Growing up, adults always told us not to play with our food.

Wow these healthy art pieces are amazing!

Clearly, this amazing food artist didn't listen. And we're all better for it.

Honestly, Cogsworth has never looked better.

He should always be made out of pancakes and fresh fruit.

Gru and friends!

It’s Gru and the whole family from the Despicable Me franchise!

I’m totally jealous of his wild rice eyebrows.

What a sweet treat Ernie makes!

Food artist Laleh Mohmedi’s mission is to make healthy food fun, and she did that beautifully here with red-lentil Ernie!

Do you recognize this sheep?

Cauliflower is the perfect material to recreate sheep’s wool in this amazing portrait of Assistant Bellwether from Zootopia!

OMG a brisket sloth!

OK, this adorable little sloth might be too cute to eat.

Look at his little tiny carrot fingers!

I've never thought of Yosemite Sam as attractive before, but now he looks good enough to eat!

With sweet potatoes, peppers, and salmon, he’s a whole delicious meal!

Contrary to popular belief, Angelica Pickles isn't actually made out of pickles.

But she is made out of fresh veggies and mashed potatoes.

This is honestly WAY too scary to consider eating.

Pennywise looks extra terrifying with root vegetables sticking out of his head. If I have to eat him, I will eat him just to make him go away.

Kung Fu Panda gets the teriyaki chicken treatment!

This dish is really kicking with flavor if you know what I mean.

What a perfect little pepper train.

Percy from Thomas the Tank Engine is made out of peppers! Who knew?

Ruh roh, this is a real Scooby snack!

Cocoa pancake Scooby-Doo, here to solve the mystery of the missing breakfast? Who ate it? Was it you?

Honestly, neither Winnie the Pooh nor fish and mashed sweet potatoes have ever looked cuter.

I’d want to eat healthy food all day if it looked like this!


This fruit troll is even sweeter than the real character!

Poppy from Trolls is looking fine!

Jacob (Laleh’s son) is a lucky little guy.

One strategically sliced apple makes for an eerily accurate Kermit the Frog.

Way too cute.

This is a lovely, fresh, decadent breakfast that just so happens to resemble one of the most classic Disney characters of all time. No biggie.

It's obviously Ellen DeGeneres.

Made out of mashed potatoes and spaghetti. Like…how does she do this?

This one is extra impressive because of how small it is.

Laleh wrote, “To give you an idea of how small this creation was the size of Maui’s head was smaller than a ping pong ball!”

The eggplant shoulders make him pop off the plate!

The thing about this movie, Sing, is that it was actually adorable and you should watch it.

On Netflix now.

Shrek isn't so frightening when he's made of spinach mashed potatoes, a tortilla, and chicken.

In fact, he doesn’t look scary at all. He just looks yummy.

I wonder if Helena Bonham-Carter ever takes a movie role and thinks, "Man, I hope someone builds a portrait of me our of cream cheese and mushrooms."


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