20+ Times People Cleaned Things To Perfection

Not every one of us is a clean freak who enjoys scrubbing every single spot we can find.

This list shows you before-and-after examples of wiping the dirt away, and guess what, you don’t have to do any cleaning to enjoy these images!
But if you leave something behind for a long time it can get really dirty and there’s nothing more satisfying than perfectly cleaning a dirty surface.

#1 Decided To Have Some Fun While Powerwashing My Dirty Driveway

#2 New York Used To Be A Much Dirtier City Back When The Northeast Ran On Coal Plants

#3 My Wife Cleaned The Knobs Off Of The Old Cabinets In Our Basement

#4 2 Stages Of Hoarder House. You Would Have No Idea

#5 Got Transferred To A New McDonald’s Store. First Thing I Did Was Scrub Their Vats

#6 I’m Ashamed To Admit That I Didn’t Realize How Dirty This Swing Was Until My Wife Asked Me To Clean It. It’s Not Painted Green, That’s Just Years Of Gunk

#7 Algae – Algone

#8 Our Cabin At The Lake

#9 This Church In Detroit Hasn’t Been Cleaned Since It Was Built 134 Years Ago. I Always Thought The Stone Was Black

#10 Told The Wife The Floor Was Gross And Needed Cleaning. She Said We Don’t Need To. Clean Half She Said And Let’s See The Difference. Mission Accomplished (We Don’t Have Tiled Floors)

#11 Cleaning Rust Off Metal With A Laser

#12 So After My Previous Washer Broke I Went Out And Bought A New One, Managed To Complete The Whole Backyard

#13 Before And After Of A Playground Cleaned At Wirral School. The Difference Is Amazing

#14 My Cousin Does Powerwashing For A Living. He Recently Posted This

#15 200 Years Of Varnish Removed From A Painting


#16 Trinity Abbey In My Hometown, Mid-Cleaning

#17 I Cleaned A Jetty Yesterday With A Power Washer. Hadn’t Been Touched In Over 15 Years. Can’t Believe The Difference It Made. Bonus Dog Pictures

#18 I Power Washed A Garden Bench The Wife Gave Me 16 Years Ago

#19 Marischal College In Aberdeen, The 2nd Largest Granite Building In The World, Has Been Cleaned. Before And After

#20 Today I Power Washed A Running Track

#21 They’re Power Washing The Fountain Stones At Work

#22 Walked By At Just The Right Time

#23 Cleaned For The First Time In 5 Years

#24 Solina Damn In Poland

#25 Power Washing A Dirty Truck

#26 The Power Washers Realised They Got The Wrong House, But At Least We Got A Free Sample

#27 Nottingham City Looking A Little Brighter

#28 St. Patrick’s Unveils Its Immaculate Facelift

#29 I Never Knew That The Building Was Nearly White

#30 Cleaning A Dirty Griddle


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